Lifestyle Combo Husker & Cracker

Motor driven Including all accessories

This is our most popular combination offering an all in one solution.

De-husking and cracking with the one machine.

Husking rate up to 60kg per hour

Cracking rate up to 30kg per hour

Suitable for both domestic and non-commercial applications up to 50 trees,  or as a Quality checker for larger plantations.

–  De-Husk and crack with the same machine

–  Includes a maintenance free gearbox

–  Will crack and husk most nut sizes  with no pre-sorting required

Motor driven  – including all accessories

$8,550.00  USD   **Price includes freight to your door **

*Includes all freight and insurance charges to your door, excluding any local duties and taxes, Shipping times are based on historical delivery averages.

Motor driven Package Includes :

7200Motor driven bare machine

Our motors can run on both;

230v 50Hz single phase and

110v 60HZ two phase

17---BG200Sorting table

To separate the husks and nuts after husking

15---BG200Cracking hopper

To auto feed the nuts for cracking

16---BG200Husking hopper

To feed nuts for husking